About Sebasjm

My full name is Sebastian Javier Marchano, was born in May 1985, I am a student at the Universidad Tecnologica Nacional of Argentina and I specialize in design and application development.

During my work experience I was centralized in Java, particularly on the branch JEE.

The main courses I took were:

  • JBoss Clustering – JB439
  • JBoss jBPM – JB449
  • Advance JBoss Developer – JB261 (certificate)

among others, many of these because I had access to work in a company associated with Red Hat LA.

I’ve also gave courses on JBoss products such as:

  • JBoss Hibernate – JB167
  • Advance JBoss Hibernate – JB267
  • JBoss Seam – JB170

I had the opportunity to represent the Red Hat in giving the course a chance JB170 official, and officially taking extra courses to degree, mentoring and consulting in various countries of Latin America.

Projects Reelevantes

GranDT – Clarin (2008)

Cluster configuration and stress testing.

ACG & commerce – BristolGroup (2007)

Development and design of web systems using J2EE technologies such as EJB3, JBoss Seam, Facelets, JAAS, Hibernate with JPA implentado, among others.

Loteria de Buenos Aires (2008)

Reengineering process optimization time. Optimizations included JBoss configuration as implementation of code optimizations.

PagoMisCuentas – Banelco (2008)

New interface for displaying uses vouchers.



This blog only reflect my opinion that is formed through the work experience and / or academic experience. I do not intend to impose solutions or best practices, just promote discussion and exchange of knowledge. I will do everything possible to substantiate each of the entries and am open to any opinions, suggestions, corrections and comments you want to do. If you want to contact me can do so in private to gmail with the same username that i have in this blog 😉 . Please also note that my natural language is spanish, so I apologize if some of the posts I am not talking well… i’ll do the best i can, with the help of google of course 🙂

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